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photo of students in a classroom doing classwork

The Greenwich Public Schools are committed to a comprehensive process of curriculum planning and assessment to foster continuous improvement of student performance as measured by the highest local, regional, national and international standards of excellence. Curriculum includes the scope and sequence of content, concepts, and skills taught in a particular discipline (or combination of disciplines, for interdisciplinary curricula); textbooks and other core materials; identified measurable student learning objectives; and the methods of assessing student performance of learning objectives.

The Board of Education is responsible for establishing the educational goals for the Greenwich Public Schools; for adopting measurable student learning objectives for each curriculum; for determining the assessments by which progress toward these goals will be measured; for approving textbooks; and for approving all course additions or deletions. In accordance with Connecticut General Statute 10220, this is a collaborative process, involving input from teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and students, as appropriate.


For specific information on curriculum standards and program delivery models please visit the Greenwich Public Schools Academics web page.